Battle Pod

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Battle Pod is the 3rd chapter of the Doom Star novel series. It is a contemporary science fiction novel with a highly tempting story. Vaughn Heppner, the author of this tale has been quite instrumental with his writing approach and managed to bring a cracker of a novel for the audience.

If we just go by numbers, then the author is one of the most successful indie authors. He has massive publications on Goodreads and had been honored on several other platforms. The Lost Swarm and The Lost Supernova are a couple of great novels from the author.

In this chapter, you will see the war of extinction getting into an extremely horrifying round. It was the case when the cyborgs got in from the Neptune System.

The Highborn are actually mercilessly devastating the outdated Homo sapiens. While gambling with the existence of humanity, James Hawthorne, the Supreme Commander tries to bait the dreaded Doom Stars into a well set trap. The Battlefleet of the Social Unity is the actual bait. Cyborgs are the secret and lethal weapon of Hawthorne.

For Marten Kluge unfortunately, the immense space battle is now threatening to have its place arunf the Mars System. This is precisely where Omi and he needed to go for refueling their shuttle. In order to reach the Jupiter System, they both would require a lot more than just luck and some stubbornness of Marten, of course.

Battle Pod is a full fledge long novel from the series and it will definitely book you for hours of nonstop entertainment and action.

The narration of the Battle Pod novel has been done by Ely Miles and the performance was satisfactory overall.

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