Battle Station: Star Force, Book 5

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Battle Station-Star Force, Book 5

V. Larson is a prolific writer with an exceptional track record in literary writing world. He is the author of well over 60 books so far and had more than 3 million copies sold of his novel. He is known for writing in several genres and his fictional books almost always tops the bestseller charts.

A number of his books have been converted in audiobook formats and Battle Station is one out of many of those. It is a contemporary science fiction novel and the book itself is a part of Star Force saga. A couple of his most popular novels from science fiction fantasy genre are Clone World and Armor World.

The Battle Station novel carries on with the story of Kyle Riggs from the prequel. He is up against some enormous new challenges this time. The novice alien fleets and the criticality of learning the many new secrets behind the wars has been his tasks to deal with now.

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In this chapter from the Star Force series, the audience will come to know more about the dynamics of Eden system. The subject system is very much in the grasp of humanity, but the question is that, will they be able to keep this mighty secret?

Star Force has been exposed of its many weakness and it is quite weak after fighting a long war. Many of them were yearning to go back home. Kyle Riggs was more interested for a much permanent solution. This was the case after discovering that the machines would be returned back with a novice armada in the end.

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