Beautiful Chaos

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Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl presented a short story before this one in which a lot of talk was done about the passages. Its back to Ethan and Lena the two we heard so much about in Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness. Finally both of them are on the same place and have remained successful in returning back to their home town.

Home town gets into a lot of trouble after the arrival of Ethan and Lena. Swarms of Locusts hover over the city and the temperature is rising to such a degree that it appears as if the hell is emerging in the town. Lena’s family is losing control over their powers very quickly; their powers are making things worse for the people of the town. Safety of the town is possible if a sacrifice is made in this regard but there is no one who wants to sacrifice himself for the town.

Ethan faces demons of his own as his visions start to haunt him once again. He thought that he had dealt with his demons long ago but he was wrong, the demons are now coming out of his visions into the real world. Lena also feels that there is something terribly wrong about Ethan; he has started to forget a lot of things.

Even in the day time he prefers to hide himself in his home because he is afraid of his visions that have started to appear as real. Approaching tragedy can be felt in the voice of the narrator i.e Kevin T. Collins, at the start of this book. It is no doubt chaos of huge magnitude that all of us witness at the end of the story.



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