Beautiful Creatures

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Love is bound to break curses but that is when the curse is taking someone to deep sleep not grave. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl the two authors take the power of love to the next level to check whether it works on strong and devilish curses too or not. Ethan Wate a simple country lad starts having strange dreams when the story begins, the girl that he sees in his visions does not exist in the village. Still the boy keeps on looking for her and then one day he finds an exactly identical face in his school.

The name of the girl is Lena, though she looks pretty but the students don’t like her because she belongs to the family that worships devils. Students in the school consider the girl as a witch but Ethan has other views. Both of them even feel that they were once connected in the past too. Love story goes on but Lena is terrified of her sixteenth birthday, on that day she would have to decide a side between good and evil. Members of Lena’s family want her to choose the dark side but the love of Ethan forces her elsewhere.

During this situation the past of Lena and Ethan during the civil war era is also revealed. Lena finally knows what she has to do, she protects the love of her life i.e Ethan and she sacrifices a lot. If you are attracted to this love story than pick Beautiful Darkness and Beautiful Redemption after this which are also narrated by Kevin T. Collins. Love, magic, action and fantasy the books are loaded with everything that one can find in the world of fiction.



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    Beautiful Darkness


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