Beautiful Darkness

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Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl carry on with the same character that decorated the first part i.e Ethan. Beautiful Creatures started with Ethan having dreams about Lena and then he finally met her in his school. Their souls got connected and the love story was about to be completed when Ethan died. Lena used all of her powers to bring the boy she loved back into the real world and this exhausted her totally. Also the time to choose between the light and dark passed away but it does not mean that Lena escaped her fate and now she is free. In the voice of Kevin T. Collins we listen to the second episode where the two lovers are still trying to complete their incomplete bond.

Ethan is aware of the hidden face of Gatlin, a town that he once thought to be full of innocence and simplicity. There are curses, magic and tragedies hidden behind the dark tree of Gatlin. That darkness nearly took Ethan’s life but he was lucky that he had Lena on his side, but that day changed Lena a lot.

She does not look the same girl because of the heavy losses that she faced in the single moment of time. Lena also tries to keep herself away from Ethan because she thinks that it is better for both of them.

In Ethan’s case the visions have become more dark and real. Visions tell Ethan the dark secrets that are buried on the other side of the town and as he moves further on the track he finds the strange passageways. Till now a lot is hidden and the fans have to wait till the end of Beautiful Chaos in order to know all about the long buried truths of Gatlin. One thing is for sure, Ethan is not giving up on the girl that almost torn herself to pieces to save him.



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    Beautiful Creatures

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