Before I Let Go

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The story has everything one wants on the weekend to spend his time in something exciting. There is suspense, thrill, love of friendship and a murder mystery as well. Marieke Nijkamp in the voice of Sandy Rustin and Jennifer O’ Donnell tells a mesmerizing tale of true friendship in a land where a company of someone near and dear to you is a blessing on cold and wintry nights.

Kyra and Corey are a best friend and are Alaskan’s which make them a blessing for each other because of the stranded area around where there is no hustle and bustle of the people to be seen especially when the weather is severe and snowing continues for days. The two girls are the best of friends and they know all about each other’s emotions and feelings. The story becomes a tragedy and murder mystery all of a sudden when Corey on her return finds her friend Kyra dead.

Corey left Alaska because her family was going to another town but still she promised revisits to Kyra. The case is closed by the villagers as they term it as a suicide because Kyra was feeling isolated when Corey was gone and she had no other social connections in the village as well thus her dejected state made her commit suicide. Corey, on the other hand, does not believe all that as she was the closest to Kyra and she is the one who knows how mentally strong Kyra was.

Thus the investigation starts in order to prove that it was a murder and not a suicide. The strange thing that makes our interest more in the story is the behavior of the Alaskan with Corey, it seems that they want to hide the facts and reality from her and treats her like an alien and not the native of the town. The Alaskan culture, the scene and situation everything is accurate and worth to listen.

Other thrilling novels like Fall of Giants – Ken Follett and A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry Book 1) – Laurell K. Hamilton are also good ones to listen to.


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