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 Toni Morrison is a critically important name in the authors’ circle for producing awe-inspiring novels with a lot of conviction. She is a contemporary writer and also she is regarded as a significant figure in the United States national literature.

The Beloved is a novel that is not only close to the author’s heart, but also to many of her followers, who are deeply in love with the story and the characters involved. Tony Morrison is truly versatile and this can be safely said, knowing that she is also the narrator of this amazing audio book.

The auspicious novel, Beloved transforms history into a significantly strong story, which at another place is as bosom as a lullaby. Its protagonist, Sethe was a poor child born as a slave. She in her early childhood days escaped to the state of Ohio, and couldn’t find herself free from slavery, even after 18 years of her birth.

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There were a lot of sweet memories in her head about her Sweet Home and also about the lovely farm, where a large number of dreadful things happened to her.

Her new home now is a complete shocker. A place that is haunted and that too by the ghost of her very own baby, who died without being named and her tombstone just read: Beloved.

Literature lovers finds it extremely difficult to imagine American literature without considering Tony Morrison. For that reason, you must check out a couple of her other popular novels, namely The Bluest Eye and the Song of Solomon.


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