Beren and Lúthien

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Mythical creatures are not new they have been there on the screen of literature since the day Homer started writing them in way that they appeared as real. Then other books of today started to paint elves, but here there is an emotional relation between an elf and an ordinary man. J.R.R Tolkien wrote this book in great detail and the story of Beren and Luthien was there but it was tough to take it out as a separate slice. Christopher Tolkien has made it easy for the listener to understand the pure love between the two creatures that are not physically alike in any manner.

Beren ready to do anything for the love of his life finally comes to the elf king who happens to be the father of the elf he loves. The cunning elf king plays a trick on the mortal and gives him a task he would never be able to fulfill at any rate. Having Luthien at his side Beren starts the journey that leads him and his beloved to the Black Enemy.

The love that the two share is amazing they have full awareness of the tests and trials that stand in the way. But this cannot stop them from achieving their goal and sole purpose of life that is to get married. Those who have viewed and listened to The Hobbit and The Two Towers have full awareness of the elves. Luthien is totally different from those elves but her father is not a different thing.

Timothy West and Samuel West narrate this new version of the old masterpiece in an extraordinary manner. Those who believe in true love or love at first sight must give this book a chance; it will make the belief stronger.




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