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One more story full of secrets that are buried in the past is what we are offered by Joshilyn Jackson once again. The base is always the same in the writer’s novels but she always twists it in a different way. This particular novel has several twists and turns that make the story quite complex.

It is complex enough to make your mind go round and round in the first go. As at the start we are told that Nonny Frett has two mothers whom she looks after. She is the daughter of two families, as one is her original family that lost her when she was a child and the other one is the family that kidnapped her and raised her rightly.

Moreover one of her mother is deaf and the other one is losing her sense and senses at the same time. Her husband is trying to get away from her and her best friend is perhaps the main cause of the whole matter. Hectic job is another pain that she takes along with all the troubles that she usually faces every day.

All of these are her personal troubles and she has a city to save as well from the upcoming disaster that only she can control. Brilliantly narrated by the writer herself the story portrays terrible violence scenes along with a mix sort of domestic life that does not give Nonny a second to relax.

It is not a journey for personal gains that was there in Never Have I Ever Nonny is resolving the issues related to other people’s lives. Perhaps the writer has not given her ample time to think about her own self and that’s why her husband is moving away from her.



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