Betwixters: Once Upon a Time

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Laura C. Cantu in the voice of Terry Fator brings this fantasy to life. It’s a kind of a fairy tale but not full of pleasures as one expects in such stories, though there is a fairy in the story it is in need of help and thus it is not the wish-granting or the tooth fairy.

The story starts with a wonderful description of the mysterious forest that the locals call the dark forest because it is full of strange creatures that can give life to shadows and even trees seem to be alive most of the time if you walk near them on the edge of the dark forest.

This terrifying description first horrifies us but then it also makes us think that what lies in the heart of this dark forest we in our mind want to unlock the mystery behind all this right at that time when our mind is full of questions and suspense as well the writer introduces Noah a new boy in the village who does not know the legend fully and thus enters the forest with his friends when he was chased by a bully.

They are amazed that they are not killed by any monster rather they found a fairy in distress and in need of their help so that she could return back to her home before it’s too late for her and the children. The story quite beautifully describes the struggle of the children who fight against the creatures of the dark not only to save the fairy but their own lives as well that are on a stake if they don’t get the job done on time.

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