Black Leviathan

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Dragons and dragon hunters duel in initial chapters just as same we witness in most of the fictional books with dragons involved. The start of the book thus can give the listener a routine thing but don’t get bored with it as the book has plenty to inspire anyone. Among the dragon hunter, there is Lian who is not the hunter rather the boy is a carver by profession.

He carves the Kyrillian crystals for a living since his early youth. The crystals are used to boost power to the ships which hunt dragons; in a nutshell, the boy also has a role in dragon hunting which is less barbaric. During the performance of his job, a task or two just slips out of Lian’s hands and he gets into trouble in a bad way.

To save his life the boy tries to find another ship in which he could hide and unluckily he gets the worst that was available in Cloudmere. The ship is commanded by a man whose mind is perverted by savage thoughts. The captain of the ship wants to reach the first dragon that was ever born in the world.

His objective is not the use of dragon skin or other stupid stuff like that rather the man wants revenge from the one who rules the world of dragons. Bernd Perplies and Lucy Van Cleef take us back to the origin of all dragons and make us meet the dark alpha that still exists. Raphael Corkhill’s narration provides the smoky touch to the dragon world where there is anger on both sides and pleasurable time is not allowed.

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