Black List

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There is a deadly list somewhere very deep inside the government of United states. There was no chance ever for the members of Congress to have a look at that list as that was only reserved for the president. President is the one to have his final say over that list. Once anyone’s name get on to that list then it never goes away, until the person dies.

What happened next is unimaginable. The name of Scot Harvath gets to the list, who has served for years as a counter-terrorism operative.

There is nothing more important for Harvath as of now, other than to run for his life. There are teams deployed to find him and kill on sight. Finding who the traitor was and who framed him as a traitor were all secondary issues for him. But, they were also very important at the same time. Harvath needs to solve that puzzle by putting all pieces together.

Will Scot Harvath be able to get hold of the real traitor before USA comes under an extremely horrible terrorist attack that has ever been conceived in its history? That was the million dollar question that mattered the most to Harvath.

The book made a good impression on the fans of Brad Thor and all the loyal followers of The Scot Harvath series. This crime mystery thriller is narrated by the very accomplished voice of Armand Schultz. His performance was top ranked by critics and also the general listeners of the audiobook.

The work done so far by Brad Thor is really impressive. In your leisure, you can consider going through the other audiobooks of the author. A couple of those namely are: Free Fall and Hidden Order.

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