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The Delta force stories continues as we reach this novel of Dalton Fury who became famous by writing novels related to delta force operations in different parts of the world. The book also shares certain real life events that are told by Dalton as he was charged with the duty to kill Bin Laden who along with his band was hiding in the bad lands of Pakistan. The book discusses in detail about how the plan was prepared in order to hunt the man down who was nowhere to be found after the start of the Afghan war.

The collection of the clues and the analysis of the details that are found by the Delta force are described like a true army officer on the job going through the given material again and again in order to check that he has not left anything unattended. The talk of the failure in mission that was connected to Kolt Raynor is also a cruel reality; it depicts the tension and stress an officer faces if he fails to get the job done.

The narration is full of energy, Ari Fliakos has used the high pitch army tone in narration to make the scenes more appealing for the listeners and they can feel the enthusiasm as well. The story has deep connections with the other two books Kill Bin Laden and One Killer Force as these books are also written on the missions of the delta force and the main target if bin Laden who was at that time supposed to be the root cause of all the terrorism and mass killing in the world.




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