Black Widow-Red Vengeance

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The second one in the Black Widow series by Margaret Stohl is one of the best suspense novels so far of the current era. The story has action to its maximum level as the story is dealing with something related to the Black Widow the spy from the avenger team of course. There are several other such books of the same series or by the same writer like Marvel’s Black Widow: Forever Red – Margaret Stohl, Dangerous Deception (Dangerous Creatures, #2) – Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, Dangerous Creatures 02 – Dangerous Deception – Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl  that could be read with this book in order to understand the character and the abilities of this super spy in a better way.

The story combines the black and red widows for the first time as they are left with no other way for survival when their own red room becomes their enemy and they are left with only one choice i.e to join forces. They were taught to keep friends away and enemies close but this time they have to keep this lesson aside and right some new rules of their own as their S.H.I.E.L.D identities are also been compromised and they have to save the world from the threat of a nuclear war, keeping themselves alive at the same time.

They cannot trust anyone this time as they don’t know who is behind all this mess. This whole thing is a nice mixture of action and suspense till the end. Julia Whelan narrates in high passion and keeps the spirit of the widows alive in the hearts of the listener. The plot is a strong one and the development of the story is surely the strength of the novel.   


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