Blackwater: The Complete Saga

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Blackwater: The Complete Saga is a fiction classic. It contains all the chapters of the phenomenal Blackwater novel series. The series is written by Michael McDowell. He was a screenwriter and author from the USA. He was appreciated by the legendary author Stephen King for being the finest author available for paperback originals in the USA today. Cold Moon over Babylon is a beautiful book from the author and so is his The Elementals.

The audio narration of the book is done by Matt Godfrey. He is definitely among the top 5 narrators that we have today. His performance in this book was just so spectacular.

Blackwater is a story of Perdido, which was a small town in Alabama. It is also a story of Elinor Dammert who was the stranger that arrived in that small town under some extremely mysterious circumstances. It was Easter Sunday and the year was 1919.

Elinor was quite gracious and charming. She was keen to tie the knot with some of the first family of Perdido. But, she was hiding a shocking secret inside her. She used to turn into something extremely terrifying right underneath the Perdido River. She was a creature who was only whispered about in tales that chilled the inhabitants of the entire town for many past generations. The ones who saw the rituals on the river of the town would not be seen alive ever again.

The series for the first time was published in 1983 in six volumes. It is a superb collection of great series. But, it is not as much horror as some of the reviews claim it to be.

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