Bleak House

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Bleak house is a tight criticism on British Judiciary. The criticism is not direct at the start as it is described in a hidden way but in the end it becomes more direct and corrosive at the same time. The legal system of the 19th century almost tempted people to commit crimes as the process was always delayed and because of it people had to take the things in their own hands. The case of the inheritance goes on and it becomes more complicated after the introduction of each character.

None of the characters show readiness to leave anything for the others’ sake. The plot also raises several question regarding the society as what would you do if you inherit a large property like the Bleak House all of a sudden. Would you stop giving time to your job as you don’t need it any more or would you change your personality to some extent in front of the general public? Such a theme and plot is quite rare in Dickens’ works as we don’t get such a hint in the novels like Great Expectations and David Copperfield .

The novels are usually autobiographical in which there are tags from Dickens’ past life. Here we find a lust of money as well and the greed for possession that leads to a murder even and almost all names present in the case become prime suspects within no time. The story also has some sub plots like the issue of Ada and Richard’s caretaking. Esther Summerson’s marriage is also an issue that moves side by side with the main story.

Sean Barrett and Teresa Gallagher are the two narrators one which plays the role of the third person narrator in the novel, a technique that was quite common in Dickens, era. The two narrators work well in coordination and from their balance we come to know that they have their work chalked out quite well.



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