Blood and Blade

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Stunning two parts and then the fascinating trilogy gives a real chill to the fans of fiction and history that have been enjoying the series for many years now. Each book tells us about the next year in the history of Anglo- Saxon taking us closer to the formation of the English empire. Matthew Harffy never loses grip over the tale of the novel and sensation provides the spice that the action lover wants.

Beobrand was awarded heavily by Ostwald whom he helped to reach the seat of the king in one piece. King Ostwald marries the princess of Wessex because he has always been attracted toward that lady because of her beauty and her personality that gives her the right to become the true queen of both the lands. The enemy again comes to the doorstep of the land and this time with more power.

Ostwald instead of listening to his friend tries to protect his wife, the new queen of the land. Beobrand though understands the treachery of the enemy cannot leave his friend at the time of need. Thus the poor fate of the warrior again forces him to plunge into a war of which he was never a part. The king’s forces lose grip at every step over the strong army that has gathered and the act of valor is perhaps not enough this time.

More drama as compared to The Serpent Sword and The Cross and the Curse as it seems that Matthew wanted to make the heroes fall that created in the last two parts. Never have we seen the two heroes in so powerless condition as presented in this chapter.

Barnaby Edward’s voice too portrays the same gesture as if the end of the heroes and their kingdom is near.




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