Blood Communion

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Fiction tailored with horror can always be found in a vampire series and both can provide a scintillating effect to your mind if you listen to the whole thing in the voice such as Eric Shaw Quinn. The change in narrator has done miracle for this part as the narration was no doubt good in Prince Lestat and Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis but stories like this one needed extra energy.

Anne Rice is trying to add suspense in her series since it was first launched but the series was not up to the mark if we compare it with other suspense stories. The main strength of the series has always been horror and wars.

This part takes the series to the next level as the suspense is also of a good quality and there is a new thing or a new flavor to enjoy for the listeners. Prince Lestat’s past comes to light as well when he himself narrates his past life as he became the ruler of the vampire world and the struggle in which he kept himself involved.

One thing he always has been looking for is a separate place for the undead in this world where they can live without threat or where they are not a threat for others. He talks about the blood communion and finally presents his vision in front of his children, a vision that we hear about in the previous part mostly. The lost child of Millennia confronts this old prince of darkness because both differ in their opinions about the vampire world. Ancestral castles of Lestat and their appealing designs raise the fantasy this time.



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