Blood of Amber

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Amber surely faces a threat of complete annihilation, Merlin escapes from the crystal cave just in time and plans to get the upper hand in the war of magic. He goes to the Keep of the Four Worlds to rescue Jasra and accomplishes his task because of his connection with the guard. Young computer expert thinks that he has overdone his enemy this time in planning but it proves to be his thought only. Enemy not only is aware of his every move but it also has a way to stop his every attempt.

It looks like someone was keeping an eye on his efforts and moves and he unknowingly falls into the trap just as the enemy planned. Roger Zelazny has given different style to the second part as it is more technology based but still the isolation of the hero makes us remember The Guns of Avalon and Sign of the Unicorn.

Each and every friend leaves Merlin at the time of need and there are some like Luke who stab him in the back all the time. The hero thought that getting out of the crystal cave has made him understand enemy’s traps but Mad Hatter’s tea party again squeezes his neck. Wil Wheaton’s voice actually tells us how the main character feels after getting trapped a second time.

Time is running out for Amber too because the enemy has already reached its center in the absence of Merlin and now they are planning for the last stab in the heart of the Amber World. If this happens the legacy of Merlin’s predecessors would vanish forever and with it would end the dominance of Amber.

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