Blood of Dragons

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The war started between the Great Guilds and Urth that ended in the defeat of the Guilds, resultantly Kira was captured. Now twenty years after the end of the war the Mechanics and the Mages want to avenge their defeat. The enemy is strengthening its strong hold over the empire and the only hope that the people of Dematr have is Kira. Kira too wants to escape because she knows that she is the focus of the whole of the enemy’s wrath. If she fails to escape than death is quite near her and that would be the result if she gets recaptured after the escape.

There are loyal friends here and there but they are scattered and she is cutoff from them. The only one she can trust is her boy friend Jason who is from Urth but is in love with her after the first interaction. He can help her escape but his help would not be enough and Kira finally thinks that it’s time to use her true powers that she has been hiding for a long time. The time has come for Mari and Alain to return to the land as well they have been of the scene for so long that most think that they are gone forever now.

Jack Campbell attaches the story well with the last series in order to lay a strong base at the same time the fans of Mari and Alain wanted to know more about the two because of which it’s a must for them. In Daughter of Dragons  too most of the people including Kira used to think that her parents would never return but she is proved wrong in this. Macleod Andrews better than ever allows us to listen to his magical voice once more.

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