Blood of Dragons

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Robin Hobb is a much-loved author for her brilliance in the science fiction fantasy genre. He entertained countless fantasy fiction fans with multiple novels published under her Realms of the Elderlings saga.

The subject chapter Blood of Dragons is its 13 part. The same novel is the 4th chapter of her sub-series titled as The Rain Wild Chronicles. Some of her other inspiring novels include the likes of Dragon Keeper and The Farseer: Assassin’s Apprentice. You will have a joyful time with these beautifully written and well-narrated novels in audio format.

Anne Flosnik is the performer in this audio novel of Blood of Dragons. Anne in this one was quite brilliant with the performance especially in giving variations invoices for the different characters.

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Many years ago, queen Tintaglia counterfeited a bargain with the Rain Wilds inhabitants. The human vowed to defend an unhatched family of dragons. But when the dragons came out to be weak and in no position to fend for themselves, then the dragons neared their extinction. The Rain Wilders abandoned the liability of caring for the voracious and destructive creatures.

They were sent off on a dangerous journey to search their old homeland, which was their ancient Kelisingra city. They were accompanied by a group of young and novice human keepers, who were also deemed as disposable and dangerous. They finally found the city against all odds but the challenge remains.

Robin Hobb deserves full marks here for her writing. She managed to captivate her audience with some smart and engaging writing. Anne Flosnik was at the top of her game as well and has given a memorable performance.


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