Blood of Elves

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The Witcher Saga, Book 1

This is the first book in the series of The Witcher Saga which is a beautifully composed novel series including other books in the sequel to enchant the mind capturing characters and the thrilling mysterious fictional events for the listeners.

Book 1 includes the perfect start of the series which will take you to another world where you will be experiencing the whole happenings like you are in there with the characters to go through their journey alongside them.

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The author Andrzej Sapkowski has given the most compelling emotional, thrilling and surprising effects throughout the series and starting from this first novel in this series the narrator Peter Kenny works out the voice over perfectly well with the characters, the emotional impact and the way the story is told is perfectly unforgettable.

In the whole 10 hours and 54 minutes of this book you will never want to leave the story unfinished and will enjoy your time till the end because it will keep you bringing new surprises. In the upcoming books, The Time of Contempt and The Last Wish you will get indulged into the related events and the story will surely keep you waiting to listen to the next part for sure.

The novel includes the fight and unrest that has given rise to some sort of conflict among races which were living calmly before.

The story is about the child Ciri who is actually the granddaughter of the Queen Calanthe and has strange powers as well as her strange future and destiny. She will have the power to change the world in either way for good or for the bad.

So, what will happen, how will the future change and how the witchers will keep trying to let Ciri control the powers in a way that is needed or whether or not it will be done the right way.

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