Blood of Tyrants

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Naomi Novik is an accomplished American author with several exciting novels to her credit. She is known for her fictional novels and ability to produce a strong, flawless plot with some larger than life characters. There are plenty of good books to refer Naomi Novik and if few of them are to be named then Uprooted and A Deadly Education would be right at the top of the heap. Blood of Tyrants is a fictional novel. It is chapter 8 of The Temeraire Series.

Simon Vance is a repeated voice in many of the novels in The Temeraire Series and so is the case with this Blood of Tyrants. His performance was flawless and something that you will enjoy throughout the narration of this 14-hour long audiobook.

The fans of The Temeraire Series would find Laurence in this novel completely tangled in an extremely deadly political intrigue. This one threatened not only his own life but also the already fragile position of England in the Far East. The suspicions and the many age-old enemies had converted the entire zone into a powder keg which was all set to erupt once only a slight spark was given. It was a kind of spark that Temeraire and Laurence may provide unwittingly, which would end up Britain facing some new enemies. This was the time when they wanted to have allies instead of making new enemies.

The Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik is a superb combo of history and fantasy. It reimagines all the famous Napoleon Wars that were fought with the support of the intelligent dragons. This one stands as a classic of the 21st century already.


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