Blood Territory

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Life can make us do terrible things and as one starts to stretch his legs he suddenly becomes aware that he was always capable of doing more than he ever expected. Mostly people don’t take the leap because they are not ready to check or test their capacity and physical boundaries. But then a momentous happening can force a man to go beyond his ability, happenings like the death of a near and dear one.

Mark Whittaker writes and narrates this first book of his in a slow pace, he wanted the listener feel the climate and the surroundings that he portrays. The action happened in the Northern Territory of Australia where the October climate is considered not that friendly by the locals. A dead body is found during the all mango madness around, the dead body is soon recognized and everyone is sure that it was Jim O’ Connell. The strange thing about the dead body was that it was without the genitals.

Everyone around is shocked that who could have done such a hideous and inhuman act. The man apparently had no enmity of that sort with anyone around. The truth is buried along with the body and the police arrests Jim on suspicion, the parents of the one who is murdered think all this as absurd.

They think that Jim was never near their son and the police want to hide the facts by putting the burden on a weak link. Instead of investigating the murder of their son they first focus on the safety of his dear friend and shock the whole town by their deed.

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