Blood World

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From the last few parts we have been expecting that the author was planning something big, the previous two to three parts were just constructing the base for this one. The war and struggle is continuously on and though the earth survives each battle and proves victorious but the heroes know that all this is not the end.

We observes a worried state of characters like James in Death World and Home World even after the win a battle comprehensively. Blood World makes the story epic as this is not the world with tech and ships it is a world full of blood thirsty warriors. Who obey no one; respect is given to those who prove their skills in warfare and one on one fight.

They choose their leaders in this old way and have traditions that make us think that we are reading about the old gladiators of the Iron Age. Earth is given some domination over the other worlds too and the efforts of the allies along the soldiers of the earth have started to bore fruit. Still to establish supremacy over the entire universe they had to bring Blood World to subjection.

Earth provides its mighty hero once again for the combat that can win the favor of the Blood World but losing the fight will result in the loss of billions of troops that can get from this world. Not only earth but the entire galaxy seems to pour out for the contest that can really change the course of the war in the galaxy. The compulsory item in the “Undying Mercenaries” Mark Boyett like always gives everything for the narration of this enthusiastic series that has evolved in the voice of Mark Boyett.




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