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Blood’s Song

Blood’s song is one of another vampire’s tale that is told a bit differently by Tempeste O’ Riley who has tried to produce a love story in the world full of bloodthirsty undead who have a lust for love and cannot give meaning to the word love. Anya the one who is in search of her past is trying to control the thirst for human blood that emerges in her stronger and stronger as the story continues. She keeps telling herself that humans are something quite precious. In this way, she pacifies her man-eating urges to some extent but still fails to eradicate the desire. Nicholas, on the other hand, is the one who keeps the belief in love alive in the story, he is in search of his love in a place where only lust exists, and he finds in Anya not only his lost love but also a human that he could save with the power of his true love.

The character of Declan a powerful creature of the underworld starts a fight between true love and lust that is a basic element in the bloodthirsty world of the vampires. The fight or competition continues between Nicholas and Declan which could only end at the death of one character, the end, however, depends on Anya. It is up to her whom or what she chooses for her future life as she is the one gifted with the blood kiss that can change everything or can bring down the whole fight to the ground at once. Samantha Turret in the narration has kept the vampire tone which keeps on giving us the hint of bloodthirst in the characters.
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