Bloody Sunday

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The Dewey Andreas series continues well in this eighth part in which the American hero has to solve the most troubling thing which can cause havoc in his country i.e the nuclear program of North Korea. The story describes even the mental state of the rulers of North Korea who have become mad with hatred in their hearts for the Americans; they are always trying to create weapons of mass destruction with the help of which they could threaten the security of the world’s superpowers.

The story also provides us a clue about Iran and North Korean relations that has been strengthening for many years on one common goal and that is to become two new nuclear powers in the world. Dewey on the verge of his retirement gets the case which according to his department only he can solve because of his expertise in the area and field.

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The threat is further enhanced when the North Korean missile technology department tries to increase the range of its ballistic missiles to America. The assignment is simple but still, a tough task as an specially designed poison had been injected in the body of the North Korean head in order to force him to stop the nuclear program in exchange for the antidote that could save his life.

The story moves on different plots as Dewey himself needs the antidote as well as he has injected himself as well with the poison. Ben Coes has created a thriller from a current geopolitical issue and Ari Fliakos’ narration has infused life into this wonderful tale that moves on personal as well as political level.

The books like Shooting Gallery, Trap the Devil and Power Down are also perfect ones for those who have enjoyed listening to the Bloody Sunday as they will top up the experience in a more thrilling way.

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