Blue Moon

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Laurell K. Hamilton showed all of us how possessive Anita is for her lovers, although she remains undecided between the two she loves to have them both. The last part described the troubled condition of Jean when the council of vampires sends their delegation for him. The council wanted to uproot Jean’s rule forever, Anita on the other hand had her views about the situation. Standing against all of it was not easy but Anita took the risk without any doubt or second thought in her mind.

Richard gets caught up in this eighth book in a serious rape charge against an innocent girl. Anita is called to the scene and she finds Richard not even ready to defend himself. Richard had been a live wire in the past books Circus of the Damned and Guilty Pleasures but here he does just nothing. Anita launches the fight against those who trapped Richard in this serious crime. During the fight, she kills every member of the rival group and successfully saves her boyfriend. It is here in this book that she experiences sex with Richard for the first time in her life.

Finally, she understands whom she likes more and with him goes in search of the one behind the setting of the trap. Frank Niley the face behind the case is found, at this point, Kimberly Alexis uses a detective like the style in narration or we can say more of the Sherlock Holmes type of touch. Frank too gets killed at the hands of Anita and the issue of the rape gets buried for the rest of eternity.


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