Blue Moon-Jack Reacher

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Blue Moon is a mystery thriller with an immense level of suspense, which is absolutely irresistible. It is written excellently by Lee Child, who is a fine novelist of his time. The book is art 24 of the long and beautiful Jack Reacher novel series. The novel and the mentioned series is a mystery thriller, where the immense suspense would mesmerize all its audience. The narration of this novel is done by the renowned and immensely popular narrator, Scott Brick. It is absolutely needless to say that his performance was awesome. 

Jack Reacher has set himself within the Greyhound bus and was minding his own business. He had no specific place to go and he has got all the time in the world in order to get to his destination. Al of a sudden then, he steps out of the bus in order to help an old man, who was actually just a victim in waiting for the crime to happen. But, you all know that what everyone has to say about the good deeds. 

Jack Reacher wants to make everything perfect now. An elderly couple had committed few mistakes and that caused them to repay some really big money to some bad people. One brazen or a good move leads to another and soon Jack Reacher discovers himself as the main man right in the center of a brutal turf war amidst the Albanian and Ukrainian rival gangs. 

Past Tense and Killing Floor are mystery thriller novels written by Lee Child. They are exceptional and you will love them for their suspense and absolutely engaging storyline. The performance of the narrators is absolutely appealing and one of the reasons for the immense success of these novels.





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