Bone Crossed

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Patricia Briggs is one gem of a writer. She has been an exceptional writer in urban fantasy league and has delivered some top quality novels for the audience. Her first novel published in 1993 and since then, there was no looking back for her. If you are looking for more novels out of the archive of Patricia Briggs, then you will be have a great treat of some really amazing fantasy novels. Moon Called is novel that the writer has written so far.

It is a paranormal science fiction fantasy with a really fascinating story. The book became the bestselling novel in USA Today as well. Smoke Bitten is another worth mentioning novel here that the author has written with lots of love and was highly appreciated by fans and followers.

It is very uncharacteristic for a woman to call home to a place where vampires, witches, shapeshifters and werewolves live with normal people. The story of Mercy Thompson continues in this novel, who is living in Eastern Washington and working as a car mechanic.

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By the night time, she is usually exploring the preternatural side that she has. As a shape-shifter, Mercy has found herself with a tenuous harmony amidst the humans and vampires and that too for more than one occasion. This time Mercy might get a lot more than she has actually bargained for.

The audio version of this chapter has been quite successful and as much as what its print version was. People just loved it for what it is, with amazing characters and a lovely story setting up the base for the sequel. The credit for audiobook is definitely shared with Lorelei King for the brilliant performance given. Member Benefit

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