Bones Never Lie

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Katherine Borowitz got introduced as the narrator in Swamp Bones: A Novella, things went for her and here she gets another chance to prove herself in Kathy Reichs’ latest. Kathy Reichs too has been really effective in her presentation of scenes and characters. Not only Temperance is an awesome character but those around her are also not that bad, even her daughter who does not have much part in the series possesses an impact.

Thus all of this credit goes to the author who has provided balance to the characters and has presented them in such a way that all of them look important. Temperance is called out of her jurisdiction for an investigation and she thinks on a serious note that why she is needed so far away.

When she reaches the spot she is told that the same killer who did terrible things in her area is back and the police have guessed all of this by the pattern of killings. Pomerleau first killed a lot of innocent girls in Canada and now he is in the US doing the same terrible acts of murder.

Temperance knows that she cannot take the case lightly because she and the department would see one murder after another if the killer is not arrested. She goes to her old partner in Monday Mourning for this because she needs help and a lot of it before things start going out of hands. The killer is not only cunning; he is a psycho killing machine who thinks of killing as a fun job.  Search for the murderer takes Tempe on long tours once again and it is good to see that she is still active enough to do all that.

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    Swamp Bones: A Novella

    Speaking in Bones


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