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For every man and woman in the universe, there is an ideal mate whom he finds sooner or later. Some people try to find that mate while others just meet them because of a chance or a coincidence. Emily Henry has decorated many stories with some lucky characters who find their soul mates on the go. Nora never thought that she was lucky enough to find the right guy for herself. She busied herself with reading books and this was the one thing which she liked the most. In those books, she read about many heroines with different skills and talents.

All of them had one thing in common i.e the beauty charm but Nora was not blessed with a single one of those talents. Thus she was not a heroine which means that she would never be able to get a prince charming. The free time that Nora had in her life was given to her sister Libby whom she loved a lot. On one occasion Libby asks Nora to come with her on a trip to a faraway village. Nora had nothing important to do so she readily agreed.

In that small village, she met one or two handsome men who appeared to be a nice prospect for her. Still, she continued thinking about Charlie who just keeps on meeting her every now and then. Charlie was not the dream boy rather he was someone who was more attached to books. The two started thinking that there was a special purpose behind their meetings. Their fate had selected them for each other.

Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation are also about average people who find love in life in a special way. Nice moments come in the life of every person so we should try to cherish them. Julia Whelan is the narrator thus don’t worry about the voice clarity.

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    The Gap and the Gain

    People We Meet on Vacation


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