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Brainwashed is surely a book that is worth listening to in your spare time. The book is written as a part of the criminal travelers and mark the start of a new series that is based on wonderful experiences, thrilling adventures, and the making of fantastic personality and characters in the series of stories connected to the same author.
This story not only provides a clear view of the characters and the scenario but also helps in identifying how the forces that lead to the brainwashed state and hoe the character Lucas will be able to create good boys through the various adventures and the techniques that will be implemented.
The author has carefully and very clearly described the characters and Paul Aertker has shown the skills to provide an in-depth version of all the life happenings so that the listeners know how the whole story develops in an interesting and heart-touching manner.
The narrator Jack Dundon also assures that you will listen to the voices the way you ever needed and in a very clear and compelling manner so that you never lose your interest in the story over time.

The book is the first book in the series of many other books to come offering greater stories and a lot of different characters. In this book, you will see how Lucas went through the life-changing steps in a gradual way and the development of the good boys throughout the story and how being brainwashed help them create the good boys in the story.
This action-filled story has been declared best-seller among the crime traveler series of books available online. So you can rely on it if you are looking for action, thrill, and spontaneous story events.
Other interestingly written stories that are also narrated beautifully by the narrator Jack, including Space Police: Attack of the Mammary Clans, Diamonds Are for Never and A History of Mevagissey are also very popular and may help everyone listening to them feel excited, and motivated all the time.


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