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Romantic and fueled up with hot scenes the series reaches the fifth part; intensity is still the same by Laurann Dohner as was witnessed in Fury. Every part of the series tells the story of forbidden love as the two lovers get crazy in the spice of romance. Most of the series has been male-dominated as they are presented by the author as lusty barbarians who are looking to claim their girl.

Girls in the scenes don’t appear to be that much barbaric in their approach but their readiness to give their selves in for the relationship shows their wild mode. Becca is one of those sorts who is looking for a chance to see handsome looking Brawn naked. Brawn looks more of the kind that was observed in Justice: New Species, Book 4. As a member of the New Specie, he likes lusty and vicious sex with his mate. One thing he has understood clearly over the year’s i.e a human girl just cannot tame the animal that exists within him.

So going closer to Becca just means ruining her and his crazy passion. Dreams come true when fate brings them so close that both of them find it tough to control the desires that are climbing up their wild minds all the time. Laurann Dohner puts the two characters in a real mess this time as they find themselves in the place of the lab rats. They become specimens for an experiment for which they don’t seem to be ready at any rate. Getting out of the trap also becomes impossible as they prove to be helpless at the hands of the enemy. Narration by Vanessa Chambers goes clean and without any trouble like always and Vanessa is just getting better and better after every episode.

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