Bred in the Bone

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Kendra Elliot is a fine writer with lots of experience. She is a maestro when it comes to producing the best mystery thrillers. Her modern detective roles are always very inspiring and add great power to the There are plenty of other books by the author to please you, which would definitely be worth your while. If you are looking for more novels by Kendra Elliot then you must check out Close to the Bone and A Merciful Death. Both of these recommended novels sound great in their audio formats.

Christine Williams gets another chance with Kendra Elliot to give the narration of this well-written novel. Her performance was phenomenal and deserves all the appreciation for making the audio book sound so good.

It is a hit and run case that involved a drunk man, who turned up dead. Cate Wilde, the FBI agent believes that this case would be cut and dried. The evidence, however quickly surfaced up that pointed the victim involvement in another crime. A crime that was 20 years old. This crime was of critical professional importance to Cate Wilde.

Samantha was the best friend of Cate who went missing without a trace when she was only 14 years old. She left behind nothing except a coat and a quiet island full of questions to be answered. The disappearance of Samantha haunted Cate for a long period of time. This might be the time now to bring this old case to a closure.

The author has beautifully brought the truth of a 20 years old disappearance in this epic novel. The story builds up nicely and comes to a conclusion with poetic justice ensured.

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