Brian’s Hunt Audiobook

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Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulsen

Brian is back in the wilderness to look for Susan Smallhorn, but she is no longer in the camp. While he is by the lake, he sees a moose and chooses not to kill it because he cannot finish all of its meat. When night time came, Brian’s sleep is interrupted by a whimpering whine, he goes to the lake and discovers that it is a dog that’s been hurt. He assumes the dog still has rabies, but it was a calm dog so he thinks that the dog is doing okay. He stitches up the wound of the dog to keep the flies away from the dog.

Brian and the dog ride the canoe across lakes and he finds a very silent lake. He feels that something is wrong; and then he sees an island but his gut says he should not go there. He still goes to the island even if he feels scared. On the island, he sees a cabin with an open door and walks up to it. He gets his bow and arrow in case something or someone attacks him. He walks into the cabin and sees a lot of flies. He sees a sleeping bag, lifts it, and sees a 30-30 rifle beside Susan’s dead father.

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Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulsen

Brian looks around to see if someone else is there who can help him. He looks for Susan’s mom, but no response. Brian walks further into the house and finds the dead body of Anne, together with 3 other dead dogs. Brian concludes that a bear was responsible for this and he realizes that the injured dog he found earlier was their 4th dog. Brian finds 2 other dead kids on the lakeshore. He decides to bury the parents, kids, and dogs in the same area. When he returns to the lakeshore, he discovers drag marks coming from a boat. One boat is missing, but he sees the paddles behind a bush. Brian looks for the missing boar and sees Susan inside.

You can continue the story by listening to this audiobook, and you should because Brian has more exciting adventures.



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