Bridge to Terabithia Audiobook

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Bridge to Terabithia By Katherine Paterson

The book is excellently narrated by Robert Sean Leonard. The narration makes the whole story more appealing to the young minds as it depicts more effectively the sadness present in the words. The story is about the two characters that possess a magical world of their own and the bridge in the title perhaps stands for the relationship or the love bond that is established between the two which is something more than their worldly pleasures.

The desire of the characters to be in this fantasy world makes it more tragic when they lose it. The story despite the fact that is sad right from the core but still one cannot stop hearing the development of emotion and the creation of the whole drama on these emotions and feelings.

bridge to terabithia audiobook

The start of the story when we find the main characters in the class seems similar situation as in The Great Gilly Hopkins. The main characters at the start compete in class and want to be the one on the top of the class. We observe the scene of the woods also the same as it was in “The field of the dogs” but this time most of the created world in the woods is imaginary and is present in the mind of the boy and the girl instead in the real world like in the Lyddie. The tragedy in the story leaves a permanent effect on the reader and one listening it cannot control the tears as the bridge of friendship breaks.


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    1. Section 1 is Chapters 1 (1-13:00), Chapter 2 (13:00- 26:40), Chapter 3 ( 26:40- 42:00). Chapter 4 is split (42:00- end)
      Section 2 is the second part of Chapter 4 (Beginning- 21:00), Chapter 5 (21:00-34:25), Chapter 6 (34:25- 46:38). Chapter 7 is split (46:38- end)
      Section 3 is the second part of Chapter 7 (Beginning- 16:22), Chapter 8 (16:22- 28:06), Chapter 9 (28:06- 39:30). Chapter 10 is split (39:30- end)
      Section 4 is the second part of Chapter 10 (Beginning – 2:50), Chapter 11 (2:50- 13:51), Chapter 12 (13:55-25:02), Chapter 13 (25:05- 42:00)

    2. Hi,
      My name is —– ——. I love this audiobook because it makes my work much easier. However, while I read it takes me to a different page, I then also have to restart the chapter as I do not know where I was.

      Thank you for understanding

    3. The story is sad but the movie doesn’t show the body
      I sorta wanted to see her drown it would of made me cry even more
      And the again …..


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