Bright Winter Lights

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Andrew Eiden and Emily Lawrence join forces to narrate another one in a masterly way. There is a developing chemistry between these two narrators which has no parallel in the world of literature. Liz Maverick brings back an old spark to the surface in this story and the two characters finally understand the meaning of true love. Adam Bosch never fell in love and it does not mean that he failed to find the right kind of woman for himself rather he has remained too busy in his business.

During all these years he never felt the need for a mate and now his family is forcing him to find the right match for him as quickly as possible. In order to stop the matchmaking attempts of his mother, Adam has decided to bring a fake date to the family’s annual party. The plan was right but he failed to find even a fake date for himself and then he remembered his childhood friend Sara.

Sara too was living a busy life as a designer and her love life was also non-existent. When Adam requested her to become his fake date, she thought it was a stupid idea and then she decided to help the man she likes from the inside.

The Transporter and Bright Winter Lights are romantic stories and these are the books that harp on the conventional track about love at the first glance. Here the love existed since their teenage but the two characters didn’t have time to think about it for such a long time. They were busy achieving their goals and then they find out that they were missing the most important thing in their life.

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