Bring Me Flowers

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Kate Bright was the second victim that fell on the hands of the dreadful serial killer in Jenna’s hometown. The first was found lifeless with a fleshly picked flower placed next to her body. Kate was also killed and abandoned the same way with a flower beside her cold body. But flowers were not the only resemblance between the two murders. The victims were school friends too.

Bring Me Flowers will keep you glued to the seat from the beginning till the end because of the suspense-packed action throughout. If you’ve read Don’t Tell a Soul from the same author and you love it, you’ll also love this book too. It’s really an all-round action-packed thriller from start to finish.

Jenna and Kane (her deputy), are given the responsibility of bringing the perpetrators of this hideous crime to justice. But while the investigation is going on, the suspect is even trying to bring his crime closer to home.    They don’t have enough clues to begin their investigation. More worrying is the fact they don’t even know the next victim will be. They have to stop this serial killer in time before he strikes again and cause more mayhem.

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D.K. Hood is a renowned bestseller author for a crime thriller. This one is no exception. The plot is well presented as everything follows a chronological order. The characters are also well represented in the book.

And unlike some other novels, the narration for this one is okay.   However, you may find the book much more interesting than the audio narration. The diction is a bit off the radar compared to the characters in the story. Member Benefit

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