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The story by Claire L. Evans highlights the fact that women are always there when we talk about the advent of any technology or anything worthy for the human race. The writer tells us about women who have played a vital role for the broadband technology but no one has given any sort of tribute to them as they remain unknown in the society that does not pay much importance to the works of women.

It was according to Evans, Lord Byron’s daughter who designed the whole thing or wove numbers into the first program as she says, in the year 1842. Then the second woman is called the one-woman Google in the story that used to keep the internet online after the world war, her name was Elizabeth. Even during and after the world war it was a woman named Grace, a mathematician who continued to work on machine languages.

Then the writer takes us to the era of 1980 and tells us about Stacy Horn who developed the first social network ever in the world that is full of these things now a day. The book surely tells us that women are everywhere if we search the history of technology especially if it is something related to the broadband or the internet every first name on the list is a woman and thus women could be termed as the pioneers of this sort of technology. The compilation of the book is just wonderful as the writer has touched all the historical dates with appropriate details and the book surely is a tribute to the woman world.      



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