Brother Odd

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Odd Thomas is back in action in third part of the book by Dean Koontz, Odd is leaving Pico Mundo which no one expected he would do. The decision was always his too make and he is doing the experiment for a change. He is seen in this town in Odd Thomas and Forever Odd for a reason i.e all his friends are staying in this same town.

Also this town reminds him of his beloved whom he can never forget in life. Not only did he meet his beloved in this town but he also lost her in this very town. Thus there are mixed feeling in his heart about the town, one thing he is sure of that if he stays here in the future he would not be able to live a normal life again.

Going to the mountains seems to be the right idea for him as living in complete isolation would allow him to gather himself once again. Fate does not allow Odd to live in complete peace and isolation because when he reaches the mountains he confronts another enemy who was already waiting for him. David Aaron Baker first uses a low voice in narration but when Odd confronts the new enemy the voice suddenly gets into the second gear.

One thing Odd cannot stand is someone trying to stab him in the back. This new enemy not only threatens him but also provides him with an opportunity to live again. Odd realizes that it is action and adventure that can complete his life in the days to come and not isolation in the mountains.



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