Brotherhood in Death

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All her life Eve Dallas has faced conspiracies and threats but she has never gone on the back foot in any such circumstances. In the current tale however she deals with conspiracy that comes hidden in the mask of brotherhood. No doubt you really feel terrible when you come to know that the one who was near and dear to you was your rival. Dennis Mira the guy who calls Eve Dallas into the case has a property issue with his cousin Edward. Edward wanted to sell the property that their grandfather left and it was against the promise that he once made with Dennis.

Denies wants to know his true intentions but when he reaches Edward’s house he gets a hit on the back and the last he saw of Edward was not a pleasant scene. Eve joins the case because Edward’s wife proves to be her close friend and colleague. As the story goes on Eve begins to know more and more about the past of Edward that was linked with people whom one usually does not like to be mixed up with. During his youth he used to be a lawyer and a senator that made most of the criminals his enemies. Eve once again as we saw in many other parts like Obsession in Death and Devoted in Death takes the help of her husband’s connection as he being a billionaire possesses the ability to reach unreachable places.

J.D. Robb like many other parts of the book reaches our ears through fabulous narration by Susan Ericksen. It is an error free piece of art that we enjoy one part after the other.




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