Brought to Battle

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A Novel of World War II

The novel takes us back to the Second World War where we meet a sergeant who seems to new on the job but suddenly he is charged with the duties that seem to be far beyond his skills, talent and experience.

But then again during the world war scenario you are always shot of choices especially in the battle field. The sergeant is given the task to establish a troop of tough men in order to fight a battle against the Rommel’s Afrika Korps he starts acting as a strict person who makes the people under his command as tough as possible. J. Scott Payne paints the world war quite well and also provides us a useful piece of information i.e strong mind is needed in the war that is something more important than physical skill.

The troop when lands on the Utah Beach they face the toughest competition of their lives and though they were trained excellently they start falling one after the other in the battlefield and start to think that perhaps the ten month training was not ample at this time it is their minds that needed toughness and determination as well to keep them committed to their task.

The novel also shares some historical tags that make it more living in front of our eyes; the war sensation never ends till the last soldier is there on the battlefield to fight for the cause that he thinks is right. John McLain has given an extra sensation to this Second World War arena with the voice that is tailor made for such stories where there are dead bodies everywhere.     




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