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Confusions were there at the beginning between Jean-Claude, Anita, and Richard, together the three resolved those issues with a peace of mind. Becoming one and working as a group made them stronger in the vampire world. Together they dominated their clans and then moved on to dominate the whole of the United States. Before them, in history, there was Belle Morte who established such a group in Europe after which she established a strong rule on the whole region.

No entity in Europe could contest the rule of Belle Morte at that time. Jean-Claude has eyes set on the same type of rule but it is not easy at all. With the aid of Anita and Richard, the master vampire has developed a good hold on the region but some enemies can still put a bullet in his head and whoever follows. A group of assassins has been assigned with the mission to terminate the trio so that a situation like that of Europe does not prevail in America. Jean claims that he is not like Belle but the enemies don’t trust vampires and their lusty habits.

Escape is tougher than in The Harlequin and Blood Noir as the so-called heroes created by Laurell K. Hamilton will need all their powers and talents to get out of this one. Kimberly Alexis has done one good thing in narration i.e the narrator has added aggression in the voices of people from both sides. After all, it is the matter of life and death for both sides, Anita is not supporting the humans now and she is aware of the price that she had to pay after this.


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