Burnt Offerings

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Anita was all over the place when she found herself running for her life in the previous part. One thing she never expected in her life was a bounty on her head. Fortunately, she got out of the situation successfully and is back to the same old status. Needed for many tasks at the same time the Vampire Hunter gets confused.

Moreover, she is worried about her vampire boyfriend more than anything else in the world. She has kept Jean at a particular distance all her life but it does not mean an absence of love between them. Both of them have special corners for each other in their hearts. So when the Council of Vampires threats the rule of Jean his beloved warrior i.e Anita is the first one to stand for him.

Other cases related to the werewolves and the murder of a vampire is also included in the tasks of Anita in this novel by Laurell K. Hamilton. The story of the novel brings out the true feelings of the main character for her boyfriend as she is ready to get burned for his protection. Circus of the Damned and Guilty Pleasures never brought out this side of the story where there is more love.

Action however doesn’t lack in this part several new faces appear on the scene as they attack different parts of the land to get control over them. Fully energized Kimberly Alexis has the zeal to narrate the series till the last part. Alexis’s voice after all these years looks perfect for the main characters of the series and replacement at this stage in narration well shatter the impact.


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