Bury Your Dead

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Gamache all his life has never run away from a case especially one connected to a murder. He never made a mistake up till now as this time his investigation leads him on the wrong way. He was on his vacation and wanted some time for his own self but he cannot resist the temptation of case when it presents itself in front of him. The stage is set for the big game as the murder leads the inspector four hundred years back to the killing of a champion.

Armand Gamache leaves the festivity of the carnival and moves much deeper into the investigation; it is his assumption that there could be a big secret attached to the Champion. It is a secret that could rock the very foundation of the Quebec City. This is the sixth part of the series and still Louise Penny amazes us with new plots all the time and the new ways of killing as well. The interesting thing about the writer is that she has never changed the venue like the other writers who take the help of a changed scene in order to strengthen the plot.

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She has kept her stories in the Quebec City in every part like A Better Man: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel and  A Fatal Grace and still the charm is not lost. The narration is still the same and Ralph Cosham has played a nice part in the whole series. The narration has a strong impact in each and every part and it surely has improved the impact of the whole series. The rise and fall are not given much attention but still it is perfect.





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