Caesar and Christ

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First, it was about Sumeria and other such kingdoms then the second installment came about the Greek empire. Now Will Durant brings the audience to the era of the Roman Republic. The author talks about this era on two levels as it was the time when Christianity was also evolving. It was Caesar who started ruling Rome and then he enhanced his boundaries after which he strengthened it as well.

During the era, Christianity gripped the minds of the people and they started believing in religion in a much stronger way. The growth in religion changed the landscape of the world to a great extent and also it affected the way people tend to behave in society. Grover Gardner’s impressive narration has made everything more magnetic. People wanted to hear about the era when religion was evolving at a rapid pace and the changes that were brought.

The Renaissance and The Age of Napoleon are waiting to get explored so try to finish this book as quickly as possible because there is a lot of stuff that you will love to know about. Rise of Constantine will give you the feeling as if you are really watching everything from a very close angle. So much development was done in these eras that one hardly believes how the world of today has been able to sideline these things.

Details are correct and appropriate by all means and at no place, the author has tried to do something unique which might alter historical events. Keep in mind that the fourth part is waiting with more stories about the development of mankind.

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