Cajun Fried Felony

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The titles of all the chapters and in fact the series sometimes of Jana DeLeon looks very mouthwatering. But, they are actually quite serious crime mystery novels. Cajun Fried Felony is one such novel from Jana DeLeon, which is a top notch and highly engaging mystery thriller. The chapter is part 15 of the Miss Fortune Mysteries, where the entire series is quite popular among a vast array of audience. Cassandra Campbell gave the narration of this chapter, which turned out to be quite an interesting one with her powerful voice and soulful tone.

The story is about Venus Thibodeaux, who has the reputation of being troubled all the time. When she left Sinful right after turning 18, everyone who knows her took a sigh of relief. When she returned to the town after 4 years, no one in the vicinity was happy to see her back. She didn’t took long to get back with her old scams and managed to pick the residents of Sinful with utmost ease, before one day, she got disappeared again, jus with the same pace with which she appeared.

Everyone in the town believed that she had returned to New Orleans. But that wasn’t the case actually. Right after a horrific accident at the Thanksgiving Turkey Run, her body was found and everyone there became suspect.

The author Jana DeLeon has quite a few popular mystery thrillers to her name, which helped him in earning a huge fan base. If you are a fan of Jana Deleon and her novels, then do try out Reel of Fortune and Fortune Furlough novels, which are also written by the subject author.

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