Calculating God

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Robert J. Sawyer again brings an alien to the human world but he is not invading the earth nor does he have any plan of staying. Hollus came to Toronto with a specific purpose; he actually wants to meet Jericho who has a research of his own on the extinct creatures. The alien wants to compare his research with the research that Jericho has made. Hollus actually wants to prove that the extinction of different creatures took place at the same time in the entire galaxy.

And that is not all, this pattern has continued since the beginning of time. After a fix span of time god makes one kind of creatures extinct and brings in some new to dominate different planets of the galaxy. Jericho who once never knew about other life forms in the universe now suddenly finds himself in the middle of a big breakthrough. Jericho along with Hollus actually wants to calculate the pattern of life made by god. With this secret unlocked they would be able to take some precautionary measures before their time comes in the pattern.

Humans and Hybrids were on different creations and this one is about the creator. Surely a big step has been taken by the author to write on such a bold topic. Jonathan Davis along with Robert J. Sawyer stick to their awesome style during narration and have accomplished a real landmark with this one. Narration was not tough apparently but to inculcate such a thought in the mind of the listener is really a difficult thing.  As far as the ending is concerned it is not something that is fixed by the author, several blank spaces are there for us to fill.


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