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Imaginations of Joe Haldeman have been out of this world, the author presents pictures through words that simple human beings would not have think of before. First it was the tour in space in Forever Free and Forever Peace now the story takes place on earth but it is not about the mankind. The Navy wanted to take out a submarine deep down in the sea and much deeper it found an artifact that makes no sense.

No device works on the artifact thus the army cannot make a way inside, everyone knows that the thing does not belong to the human world but they want to know that who has sent it and why. From here the story shifts to two aliens that have been living on the earth for centuries in their own different ways and are linked to the strange thing in some way. First alien that is introduced is the changeling that changes forms every now and then so that no one can recognize him in the human world.

The changeling can also take the shape of other creatures like fish and reptiles so it is the one that wants to keep the low profile and has a tendency to mix. The other known as the chameleon is the ruthless sort and he does not allow anyone to come near him. Whoever comes near the chameleon perishes and no sign of him or her is found after that. Just when the artifact is extracted from the sea these two aliens receive a strange message from this source and it looks that they have some relation with it.

Thus the two starts their journey towards the artifact and chameleon is in no mode of sharing it. Eric Michael Summerer narrates this high drama and energetic tale by Joe; it is just marvelous to notice that the narrator has found different tones for the two aliens that make them separate entities.

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